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Seriously guys, I can’t watch anything with Jay Baruchel in it and not think of Hiccup.  When he speaks, all I hear is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III talking.  It’s kinda sad.

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I saw your pictures and I thought you were in college but your info says you already got your BA? Are you immortal?

Don’t let my secret out.  Shhhh.

But seriously, I just look young.  Most people think I’m 16, I’m really older.  I won’t say how much older, but yep.

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Valka seeing some stoick the vast in baby stoick

Done!  Sorry everyone that these fics are taking so long.  It has been a busy two months that have taken my time away from writing.  Anyway, here’s the fic, started before my trip and finished last night.


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Why Archeologists Hate Indiana Jones



The jungles of the Peten are hot and sweaty. Most of the best places for archeology are. Field seasons are especially hot, since they are always during the driest time of year so that the site doesn’t get flooded. Howler monkeys boom from the parched trees, which barely twitch during the windless days. Meanwhile, pasty grad students toil away in the hot sun, quietly picking away at a stucco relief or the markings on a stone pillar.

In this heat, it’s good to wear a hat, preferably something sturdy with a wide brim. Every archeology site in the world is littered with rugged people in wide-brimmed hats talking about long dead civilizations. Tulane archeologist Marcello Canuto, for instance, prefers the khaki, floppy variety. Walking back to camp with after a long day at one Northern Guatemalan site, I can’t help but make the obvious comparison.

“Oh God,” he groans, “Don’t even go there. Indiana Jones is not an archeologist.” Read more.

Divers get final look at lost Franklin ship before exploration called off for this year



ABOARD CCGS SIR WILFRID LAURIER—The long-lost Franklin wreck has so many stories to tell after some 160 years on the bottom that even seasoned underwater archeologists have trouble taking it all in.

The divers got their second close look Thursday, their last until next year at a site so rich in information and relics that they’re calling it an archaeologist’s dream.

“This is going to rank as one of the biggest discoveries and studies in the field of underwater archeology,” said Marc-Andre Bernier, a 25-year veteran of diving on shipwrecks. He heads the Parks Canada team.

The archeologists won’t say if they think the wreck is HMS Erebus or HMS Terror. They insist on taking that, and every other step, slowly. Read more.

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Are you doing drabble request again?

I have tons of requests in my inbox waiting to be filled (and I’m trying right now), because I fell behind over a month ago, but I don’t turn down new requests. 

Franklin expedition: Underwater archeologists make first dive to wreck



ABOARD CCGS SIR WILFRID LAURIER—Underwater archeologists made their first dive on the newly discovered Franklin Expedition shipwreck Wednesday, raising hopes the world will soon know the historic vessel’s identity.

“The most incredible thing we’ve ever seen,” Marc-Andre Bernier, head of Parks Canada’s underwater archeology team and 25-year veteran of diving on wrecks, said after more than eight hours at the site.

But the archeologists, who were diving in frigid water at 1 C, aren’t ready to reveal what they saw and photographed during a full day of exploring the site.

They want time to consider what they’ve learned, and maybe dive again if the weather is good, before announcing any conclusions. Read more.

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Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Wait…did I just get Rickrolled?

Hey everyone, I’m back!  So will post some pictures, sadly, the skulls fell off my costume and it rained, but Astrid met some Disney princesses, including Merida.  Merida loved my outfit and said I was a cool Viking.  I’ll post some pictures today and hopefully a fic tomorrow.